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          Chinese English
          Group Introduction
          Jubang Electrical

          Jubang Electric Co., Ltd. is a model non-affiliated enterprises focuses on development, manufacture, sales and service of electric products. We have 3 wholly owned subsidiaries: Shanghai Jubang Electrical Co,. Ltd, Zhejiang Afahai Switch Co,.Ltd and Zhejiang Jubang Electrical Power Co,. Ltd. , 2 divisions: distribution division and transformer division. As one of the biggest electric suppliers in domestic, we devote to providing comprehensive electrical system solutions for distribution network, machinery, construction, telecommunications, metallurgy, petrochemical, railway industry and areas . Our product including high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, cabinet substation, SF6 inflatable cabinet, loop network cabinet, power transformer, distribution appliance, terminal appliance, middle and high voltage circuit breaker, fire fighting appliance and other series.

          Being high-tech enterprise, Jubang wins honer of " National User Satisfying Enterprise","National Second-level Safety Standardization Enterprise", "The Most Growing Private Enterprise of China"," Zhejiang Standard Innovation Type Enterprise ","Zhejiang Business Enterprise Credit AAA Level Unit Loyally Abiding by Contracts and Credits" ; Jubang trade mark is one of the "Chinese Famous Brand" and "Zhejiang Famous Brand"; Jubang wins the honer of "Zhejiang Well-known Firms". Jubang's subsidiaries have already passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, three OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System certification. Its product passed mandatory product certification by China Quality Certification Center, the PCCC certification and energy-saving products certification for compulsory product certification, some of products are included in the " National Torch Plan Project ", " National Spark Program Projects, " " Zhejiang Major Science and Technology Special ", " Zhejiang Science and Technology Award ", " Wenzhou Famous Brand Products" and so on. It own more than 20 patents for invention and utility.

          Our company devotes to developing and innovating of electric products. We imports foreign advanced technology and equipment, owns automatic and standard production line. We rely on the policy of self-dependent innovation and horizontal alliance, forming “Intelligent Electric Institution” and “Expert Working Group” with Zhejiang Technical College. Our products are in high technology with good quality, and well sale in Europe, America, the Middle East, South Africa and other more than 40 countries.We adhering to develop concept of “professional, different and refine”, provide environmental protection, high-tech, intelligent and miniaturization electric product for our customers, to create a multi-win environment in which society satisfied, customer benefited, labor and wage increased together.

          Enterprise mission

          More Reliable Power Supply,More Secure Power Protection

          Enterprise vision

          A leading enterprise in power and energy

          Enterprise values

          De (morality) (austerity) (ren Jian charity fraternity) are (generous) letter (loyalty Connaught)

          Strategic positioning of enterprises

          Industry as root, strategy as potential, innovation as soul and capital as instrument.


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