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          Chinese English
          A new Long March
          The integration of resources and the stage of strategic transformation
          Jubang Electrical Group will continue to strengthen the integration of brand strategy, talent factor, technological innovation and marketing channel, keep the continuous development of core business, enhance the coordinated development of the three major business sectors of the equipment, two equipment and capital operation, improve the competitive advantage of the industrial chain, and build the giant state into the "global lead" Electric and energy electrical development and operators.
          Soar to great heights
          The progress of science and technology and the stage of management innovation
          2017.12Yueqing mayor Quality Award
          2017.11Detection point of enterprise development and investment efficiency
          2017.08Fang Hui, mayor of Yueqing Municipal People's government, investigated giant state
          2016.12The giant Bang moulded case circuit breaker has been selected as "the famous brand product of Zhejiang province".
          2016.10Approved the establishment of a provincial post doctoral workstation
          2016.09It has been identified as "the leading industrial enterprise in Wenzhou" in 2016-2017.
          2016.06The company is promoted to "giant state Group Co., Ltd."
          2015.11Held at North China Electric Power University, the signing ceremony of the scholarship of the gigantic electric group.
          2015.07It has been identified as "the 2015 year Zhejiang provincial management innovation pilot enterprise".
          2015.06The intelligent electrical design center has been selected as the provincial industrial design center.
          2015.04The grand Bang electric scholarship award ceremony was held at Northeast Dianli University.
          2015.01JuBang has been selected as the famous trade name of Zhejiang province.
          2015.01The "JuBang" trademark has been recognized as "the famous trademark of Zhejiang".
          2014.07The technology center has been appraised as "Wenzhou enterprise technology center".
          2013.08Promotion to "Jubang Electric Group Co., Ltd."
          A butterfly
          Brand promotion and group management stage
          2012.12Identification through cleaner production audit
          2012.02The trademark of "Jubang Wen" is honored as "the famous trademark of Zhejiang".
          2012.01It has been selected as the "provincial technology center of small and medium-sized enterprises" in Zhejiang province.
          2011.12The first expert workstation in Yueqing settled into a Jubang
          2011.10Acceptance by "national two level safety production standard enterprise".
          2011.10The GTM9 (E) series intelligent moulded case circuit breaker has been selected as "the national key torch plan project".
          2009.12Located in the Yueqing Economic Development Zone, "giant Technology Park" passed the acceptance and put into operation.
          2009.09Revision of the national standard for selective overcurrent protective circuit breakers in household and similar places
          2007.06The establishment of Jubang Technology Co., Ltd.
          2007.05Promotion to "national no regional company"
          2006.09The establishment of Zhejiang Jubang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., "science and Technology Association".
          2005.01The establishment of the Communist Party of China Zhejiang Jubang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Branch Committee.
          2004.05Jubang Intelligent Electrical Appliance Research Institute has been established at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and the company simultaneously.
          2004.05Set up "Zhejiang Jubang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. trade union committee".
          2003.08China Quality Certification Center issued the 3C compulsory certification to the company.
          2003.06Building and putting into use in the factory building of Xinguang industrial area
          The origin of dreams
          Directional development and scale expansion stage
          2002.09Obtain ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification
          2001.10Promoted to "Zhejiang Jubang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd."
          1999.05Promoted to Wenzhou Tianle Electric Appliance Co. ltd"
          1993.09The creation of "Yueqing Tianle electric switch factory"

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